CPU-7635: 6U CompactPCI fully-equipped PentiumIII CPU board

EuroTecH S.p.A. presents the CPU-7635, a low power-draw versatile CompactPCI System/Peripheral 6U CPU board based on the Intel815E chipset that provides support for Celeron/PentiumIII PGA370 CPUs with 0.18-micron technology @ 533MHz/1.3GHz.

The CPU-7635 is the right solution for telecommunication, industrial automation, medical instrumentation and any other application requiring high performance and PC compatibility in an industrial standard form factor.

This board is designed to develop high powered CompactPCI multiprocessor systems as well as to be used as a stand-alone single board computer.

The board is Hot-Swap (PICMG2.1, R2.0) and Packet Switching Backplane (PICMG2.16, R1.0) compliant. The CPCI Packet Switching Backplane is an extension of the PICMG2.x family of specifications that overlays a packet-based switching architecture on top of CompactPCI to create an Embedded System Area Network.

The CPU-7635 has a wide range of advanced features such as: two PMC slots compatible with the PICMG2.3, R1.0 specification, two SODIMM sockets (up to 256Mbyte – SDRAM PC133), 100/133MHz bus speed, 128 KB or 256 KB L2 cache (depending on the processor version), 1 CompactFlash socket for on-board Flash Disk, 2 EIDE (ATA100/133) ports, 1 FDD controller, two 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Controllers, internal SVGA controller, PS/2 Keyboard and mouse ports, EPP/ECP bidirectional parallel port, 2 UART 16550 serial ports (RS-232 or RS-422/485 user selectable), 4 USB ports (2 on the front panel and 2 on the rear I/O), User I/O management with geographical address, Watch Dog with programmable time-out and push button reset.

The CPU-7635 is fully compatible with the most popular Operating Systems: MS-DOS, UNIX, QNX, VRTX32, Microsoft Windows, Linux, VxWorks.

These features make the CPU-7635 a perfect solution when power, reliability, hot swap capability and modularity are essential factors.

A wide range of versions are available.