CTR-1471: A New PC/104-Plus JPEG-2000 Compressor Module with 8 independent videocomposite inputs

Amaro, Udine (Italy) September 22, 2004.

Eurotech today presents a a new and powerful JPEG-2000 Compressor Module: the CTR-1471.

The CTR-1471 is a high performance Eight channels Video Compressor that benefits by the features and the enhanced quality provided by the JPEG2000 (J2K) – ISO/IEC15444-1 image compression standard.

The Module implements the computationally intensive operations of the JPEG2000 image compression standard as well as provides a fully compliant code stream generation for most applications that supports real-time video encoding.

The CTR-1471 provides high quality solutions for use in professional video and Embedded PC systems based on PC/104-Plus modules.

The CTR-1471 can process images at a rate of 40M samples/sec in reversible mode, and at higher rates when used in irreversible mode. It contains a dedicated wavelet transform engine, an on board memory system and an embedded RISC processor, which can provide a complete JPEG2000 compression/decompression solution.

The CTR-1471 can be featured to resist vibrations and temperature extremes.

Click here to download the PDF of this news.

Click here for further information about the CTR-1471 Module.


The Eurotech Group ( www.eurotech.com ) is a global family of technology companies focused on standards-based embedded and high-performance computing solutions. With operations in Europe, North America and Asia, the Group serves the industrial, transportation, defense, aerospace, medical, and research sectors. The Eurotech Group includes Eurotech ( www.eurotech.it ), Parvus Corporation ( www.parvus.com ), Neuricam (www.neuricam.com ), Exadron (www.exadron.com ), Ascensit (www.ascensit.com ), and IPS (www.ipssistemi.it ).

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