Eurotech listed at the Italian stock exchange within the year

The shareholders’ meeting of Eurotech approves a project of market quotation at the Italian stock exchange, Techstar segment. Sponsor and global coordinator Mediobanca, financial advisor Interbanca.

Amaro (Ud-Italy) June 10th, 2005 – The shareholders’ meeting of Eurotech SpA approved today a project of market quotation on the Italian stock exchange, under the supervision and control of Borsa Italiana SpA. The target of the company is admission to the Techstar segment within the end of the year.

Eurotech’s board of directors appointed today the advisors for the company’s IPO: Mediobanca (sponsor, global coordinator and responsible for the IPO placing), Interbanca (financial advisor), d’Urso Munari Gatti Studio Legale Associato (legal advisors), Vitali Romagnoli Piccardi e Associati (fiscal advisors), Community (communications consultants), Reconta Ernst & Young (auditors).

The Eurotech Group, founded in 1992 by the physicist Roberto Siagri and a team of experienced professionals coming from the industry and from the world of academic research, was supported from the start by Friulia, the local agency for business financing of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Says Roberto Siagri, president of Eurotech: “From the very beginning, we proved that an Italian company can achieve a considerable growth rate in the high technology market; our undertaking was well-grounded in scientific research”. According to Mr Siagri, ”the market quotation of Eurotech represents a very important step for the group’s development and growth in Italy and abroad”.