Eurotech is taking part in the South Europe Midcap event in Paris

Amaro, 25 June 2008 – On Friday, 27 June, the Eurotech Group will take part in the third edition of the South Europe Midcap Event organized by CF&B Communication, coordinated for Eurotech by Euromobiliare. The conference is being held at the Salons France-Amériques in Paris and is wholly devoted to meetings between institutional investors and listed companies in Southern Europe, especially Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Massimo Mauri, Vice Chairman of the Group, will represent Eurotech at this event. For registration and more information, visit the website

Group revenue increased by 41.5% in the first quarter 2008, rising by Euro 6.29 million from Euro 15.16 million in Q1 2007 to Euro 21.44 million in Q1 2008.

In terms of products, we see that computers are becoming increasingly integrated with humans. There has been a move away from desktop PCs to ever more portable computers (wireless phones, PDAs), arriving at today’s innovative wearable computers and miniaturised sensor networks (smart-dust) that make our surrounding environment “intelligent”.

Interconnection on the one hand, and integration into the environment and everyday life on the other: this is the prevailing paradigm, called “ubiquitous computing” or “pervasive computing”. It is expected to pave the way for new and greater opportunities and, thanks to the recent investments in research and development, we are ready to seize them. We are following the new computing paradigms to gradually transform Eurotech from an “embedded-computer company” to a “pervasive-computer company”, focusing on becoming a leader in the professional field of pervasive computers.

We believe that there will be growing numbers of pervasive computers in the future of Eurotech. These are distributed computational devices and platforms ready to connect to network infrastructure and take advantage of all of its potential. In this not so distant future in which everything will virtually become a computer, our Nano PCs will be capable of connecting to our HPCs to form Pervasive Grids.