Eurotech will soon release a new PC/104 module providing an MVB interface for enhanced communication capabilities onboard trains.

This new product has been developed to be interfaced within a PC/104 system in order to provide MVB serial communications bus capabilities for use onboard railway vehicles.

Amaro (Udine, Italy) – January 13, 2006 ? Eurotech announced today that they will soon be releasing a new PC/104 Add-on module, the COM-1240, which is an MVB interface board specifically developed to be used as a gateway between a PC104 system and the MVB bus (Multifunctional Vehicle Bus, as used in rail applications).

The COM-1240 will allow for enhanced communications with the devices installed on board railway vehicles thus simplifying connections and widening compatibility.

The COM-1240 features the 32 bits, 24 MHz, RISC microprocessor and supports the complete TCN (Train Communication Network) protocols stack Class 3 (optionally Class 4), up to the session layer. This will free up resource requirements on the main CPU Module, as it will only need to handle the application layer of the TCN protocols.

The COM-1240 is lightweight and has very low power consumption. It is EN50155 compliant, so it will be resistant to high vibrations, humidity and temperature extremes.


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