Zypad Ring Scanner for 1-D barcodes (ZRS-1D)

.Amaro 22/11/2007. Eurotech’s ZRS-1D a wearable scanner for 1D barcodes. The ZRS-1D is connected to the Zypad wearable computer through a stretchable coiled cable which assures maximum freedom of movement.

Designed to be as flexible as possible, the ZRS-1D incorporates a swivel system to allow users to rotate the scanner on their preferred hand. A finger strap allows flexible, ergonomic and fast positioning of the ring scanner on the finger.
User hygiene is assured through a removable finger strap, enabling each operator to use a personal strap.

The unit’s software emulates manual keystrokes and provides the scanned data into any active application. It’s also possible to add prefixes/suffixes such as carriage returns or line feeds to eliminate manual keystrokes.

The ZRS-1D combined with the Zypad wearable computer gives users a hands-free, lightweight solution that can be worn for long periods of time, while maintaining network connectivity (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

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