First remote healthcare project for the elderly

Amaro, 23 July 2008 – Eurotech technology makes the first remote healthcare applications possible. As part of the company’s commitment to wearable computing, Zypad, a wrist-worn computer, and the innovative ZyTag pendant, when worn by doctors and patients, communicate with each other to increase care efficiency and to exchange information with the regional database. Eurotech will be providing its hardware platforms to Selex Service Management SpA, a member of the Finmeccanica group, which will, in turn, provide them to the Abruzzo Region as a part of its own value-added services. The contract will see the products used in all healthcare districts in the Abruzzo region and will serve as a pilot project for extension throughout Italy in the near future. By installing an application on the local server in each district and giving Zypads to the various healthcare workers, an efficient remote healthcare network can be created that can simultaneously monitor and transfer patient data gathered on site. Patients are given a ZyTag that contains all the essential information from their patient files, such as their national healthcare card number for registration and recognition, their blood type, any allergies they may have, and all other information that can help the medical staff to provide the proper care. Using the ZigBee communication protocol, the ZyTag pendants communicate directly with the wearable computers within a range of about ten meters and transfer patient data directly to the healthcare worker’s wrist, where it appears on the Zypad’s display. This data is simultaneously stored on the Zypad, which can transfer it to the local network via Wi-Fi, as well as to national databases.

Italy appoints a new General Manager

Amaro (UD) July 1st , 2008 – Eurotech SpA announces that as of today Mr. Raffaele Bulfoni who has been part of the Group since 2003 with roles in Marketing, Sales and Business Development, will take over Mr. Dino Feragotto’s position as General Manager for Eurotech Italy.

To Dino Feragotto, one of Eurotech’s founders, we give our thanks and gratitude for the great job and effort he has put into Eurotech Italy over the past years and we wish him all the best for his new personal and professional goals.

To Raffaele Bulfoni we wish best of luck in taking Eurotech Italy to the next level.