WR11xx – Rugged Wearable Computer

Amaro Nov 17, 2008 – Eurotech announces the new ZYPAD RUGGED WR11xx Wearable Personal Computer, a powerful computing device designed to withstand the most severe environmental conditions (IP 67 rating) while being worn comfortably on the user’s wrist for hands-free operation. The WR11xx has a special case made of fiber glass reinforced nylon and magnesium alloy, which maximizes the strength and minimizes weight. Also the large high-resolution touch screen display is protected by a special film; this is to avoid damage and is made to withstand water, dust, and other potentially damaging material. The WR11xx is compliant with MIL standard regulations. Another key advantage of the WR11xx is the modularity-the ability to change the functions for the device by merely replacing a module. If for example, the user wishes to switch from GPS receiver to a GPRS module, this can be done through a simple plug and play, hot swap operation. Being modular, the battery is also easy to remove and replace while in the field. This, combined with the hot swapping functionality, gives further flexibility and benefit to the users The hands-free operation of the WR11xx overcomes the physical limitations associated with normal hand-held computers, this allows users complete freedom to continue everyday activities using both hands while having full computer access at all times. The hands-free versatility of the WR11xx makes it of special interest to First Responders, Emergency Services, Security, Defense, Forest Services and any area where hands-free access to large amounts of information is necessary. The ZYPAD WR11xx solidifies the concept of ubiquitous computing by integrating all the power and capabilities expected from a laptop PC within an extremely versatile wearable device. The Rigid Wrist Support allows ergonomic positioning and easy fastening to the arm, even over the users work clothes, thus ensuring ideal weight distribution and maximum comfort, while the removable core system allows users to easily insert/remove it from main the Rigid Wrist support at any time. The ZYPAD WR11xx can be quickly configured to access any remote host system through its integrated wired or wireless interfaces using the Linux operating system. Information can be shared and services accessed regardless of location. The system integrates the latest and most innovative features, such as a tilt and dead reckoning system that detects the position of the user’s arm and sets the system to standby mode when the arm is hanging down beside the body. It also has an electronic compass. For more information on Eurotech wearable computers and accessories, please visit our website: http://www.zypad.com/ //www.zypad.com/

New impulse to expansion into chinese market

Amaro (UD), November 13, 2008 – Eurotech announces today the launch of a plan to boost Vantron, the Chinese subsidiary located in Chengdu, in the Sichuan province. Vantron, which has mainly been a development centre with about 45 engineers until yesterday, is going to create its own marketing & sales structure to serve the national market, thus increasing Group’s ability to exploit the development potential of the embedded computers market in China.

Beside distributing the products of all the other subsidiaries of the Group, Vantron will offer embedded platforms for mobile and multimedia applications specifically conceived for the local market. The starting of Vantron’s commercial activities will allow Eurotech Group to better address and support customers in the vast Chinese market.