JoinPad’s Augmented Reality at Nab Show in Las Vegas with Eurotech’s Wearable Computer

Amaro (Italy) and Milan – April 11th, 2011 – JoinPad and Eurotech have announced today that at the NAB Show in Las Vegas they will be presenting JoinPad’s innovative Augmented Reality solution for professional operators, Augmented XP, using Eurotech’s new BR20XX wearable computer as the processing and control unit. The NAB Show is one of the most important events worldwide for the digital media industry, where it is possible to find state-of-the-art solutions for creation, distribution and presentation of media content.

Augmented eXPerience is a product conceived and developed by JoinPad to assist technicians involved in the broadcast/teletransmission industry during ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, from installation of transmission system, antennas, microwave links, broadcasting equipment (amplifiers, exciters, etc.) to generic repair activities. Through special HMD glasses equipped with a webcam, technicians will be able to recognize devices and to get related instructions about specific operations to perform, for example the position and relevant instructions about the best way to replace a hardware component or to set up the system.

“Augmented Reality is a way to sense the surrounding environment. It is a mix of technologies that allow users to interact with the world like never before. A common goal and purpose with the high performing and non-invasive technology provided by Eurotech. With JoinPad, we are laying the foundation of a new market to be explored, with various applications from advertising to home automation. Services that are able to change our way of learning and of perceiving reality” said Mauro Rubin, CEO and Community Manager of JoinPad.

“Augmented Reality is an emerging technology with interesting applications in several fields, that needs powerful and non-invasive computing & control platforms” said Robert Andres, Head of Corporate Marketing at Eurotech. “The work done with JoinPad shows how our wearable computers own the necessary features to enable Augmented Reality for professional applications”.

JoinPad is the first Italian augmented reality farm. It was founded in October 2009 with the ambition of creating a new model of communication through the use of augmented reality. JoinPad devolps new user experiences with the most innovative technologies launching future sector trends. JoinPad develops concepts and innovative applications tailored to the communications and marketing needs of new markets. Services are aimed at not only companies but generic users to whom an exclusive experience is guaranteed. For more information visit JoinPad’s website:

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