Eurotech: acquisition of californian company Dynatem Inc.

Amaro (Italy) – May 23rd, 2011 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies and pervasive computing devices, announces that on May 31st it will finalise the acquisition of the company Dynatem Inc, that will be included in the consolidation perimeter of the Group starting from June 1st.
Dynatem Inc, based in Mission Viejo in California, operates since 1981 in the embedded computers market and specifically in the VME, VPX and CPCI boards segment, with a turnover in 2010 of about USD 3.6 million.
Eurotech will acquire 100% of the share capital of Dynatem Inc for an enterprise value of about USD 1.9 million (equal to about Euro 1.3 million). The transaction will be settled in cash.
“With the acquisition of Dynatem we will consolidate our presence in the United States, adding the West Coast to our geographical footprint, and we will acquire expertise and know-how on the emerging VPX standard” said Roberto Siagri, President and CEO of Eurotech. “The long tradition of this company on VME and CPCI platforms will also give us the possibility to create further synergies between US and Japan”.

Eurotech: acquisition of californian company Dynatem Inc

Eurotech wins 2.2 USD contract to supply embedded computers for vehicle diagnostics applications


Amaro (Italy) – May 16th, 2011 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, today announces a 2.2 Million USD contract with a leading global test and tooling company to provide embedded computers over a three-year period. The contract will allow this customer to extend the lifecycle of their product, a popular diagnostic scanning tool in the heavy-duty transportation industry.
Operating in the transportation environment means these products need to withstand extreme temperatures, variable humidity and intense vibration, which is one reason the development team chose to use a rugged, high performance platform from Eurotech. The diagnostic product uses the Eurotech embedded computer to enable fast graphics display on the easy-to-use touchscreen panel, with real-time color graphing for greater clarity of test results and trouble-shooting guidance. In addition, for added reliability, Eurotech designed a comprehensive power supply and battery charging circuit for a virtually maintenance free device.
“This customer builds sophisticated devices, running a detailed diagnostic application, that flawlessly meets demanding requirements and operates reliably under extreme conditions, which is why they selected the Eurotech platform to extend their product lifecycle” explained Greg Nicoloso, Chief Executive Officer for Eurotech in North America.


Eurotech wins 2.2 USD contract to supply embedded computers for vehicle diagnostics applications

Parvus receives $2.2M follow-on order for ethernet switches in support of us DoD tactical communications program

Amaro (Italy) – May 5th, 2011 – Eurotech subsidiary Parvus Corp. announces a $2.2M (USD) follow-on order for rugged Ethernet switches with a US prime Defense contractor in support of a US Department of Defense (DoD) tactical communications program. Due to non-disclosure agreements, no further details about the customer can be provided. Deliveries will take place during this year.

Specified by the customer is the Parvus DuraNET 2955 Ethernet switch subsystem, a ruggedized Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product based on Cisco technology and developed for military and harsh mobile applications. The unit serves as a robust solution for providing local area network (LAN) connectivity to IP-enabled computing and net-centric devices.

“Prime contractors continue to turn to Parvus for rugged computing and networking subsystem solutions, as the US government drives towards specifying reliable COTS technologies that are available today,” said Les Goodman, President of Parvus Corporation. “We are proud to support the US Military and enable network centric capabilities to the forces deployed in the field.”

ETH20110505_CS_en.pdf : pdf (62Kb) Parvus receives $2.2M follow-on order for ethernet switches in support of us DoD tactical communications program

Eurotech launches the Zypad BR2000 series of Ruggedized Computers

Ruggedized Zypad BR2000 Delivers the Power of Intel Atom into Light, Low Power Design

Amaro (Italy), May 3, 2011 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, announces the launch of the Zypad BR2000 series of vehicle-mounted and man-worn computers ideal for rugged environments such as those often seen in the oil and pipe, industrial, and transportation markets. Compact, light-weight, and power-stingy, the Zypad BR2000 also brings out an impressive list of high-speed I/O, multimedia, and communications capabilities making it a fully functional wearable or vehicle mounted computer. Being low power, battery based and compact, the unit can be used as a man-wearable computer that’s worn on utility belts, in a pocket or backpack or on a vest. The Zypad BR2000 can also be mounted onto a vehicle such as a truck or service car.

Physically robust to endure even the most extreme conditions, the Zypad BR2000 is compliant with IP67 environmental standards, which means the submersible metal enclosure ensures protection against damages due to water or dust. The unit, which weights under 2 lbs (800 g) including the battery, has a wide operating temperature between -40°C to +71°C and supports even military-grade standards so that users can be ensured of a reliable and durable product regardless of the situation.

The powerful Intel® Atom™ E6xx processor on the inside allows Eurotech to bring two Gigabit Ethernet, six USB 2.0 ports, three RS-232/422 ports, VGA video and audio interfaces. Wireless communications capabilities and necessary antennas are fully integrated including 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth Class 1 and a high sensitivity GPS receiver. Data storage options ensure that large volumes of information can be retained and shared. All of this functionality can be run on Linux, Windows Embedded, or Windows 7 operating environments.

“The Zypad BR2000 is the latest testament to Eurotech’s expertise in small, low power, and high performance products,” says Robert Andres, Director of Marketing at Eurotech Group. “This product continues our roll-out of cloud-enabled products which arrive out-of-the-box ready with robust wired and wireless communications interfaces as well as other key functionalities that allow users to quickly get started with managing and sharing critical data throughout all areas of the organization.”