Eurotech Announces SekuPLATE, License Plate Recognition Systems for Security and Surveillance Applications

SekuPLATE license plate recognition systems achieve high detection rate in all light and weather conditions

Amaro, Italy – March 21, 2012 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the launch of SekuPLATE, a new family of IP-based SekuPLATELicense Plate Recognition Systems that target demanding security and surveillance applications where intelligent association of vehicles and permission rights is needed. Based on cutting-edge recognition algorithms, SekuPLATE delivers top-notch reliability plate recognition systems, that dramatically minimize detection failures.

Compact, versatile, and easily configurable, SekuPLATE systems read license plates and process them automatically, to monitor the passage of vehicles through toll gates, checkpoints, access areas, parking lots and other similar applications. SekuPLATE delivers extreme reliability, with an accuracy rate on detections of 95% for front plates and 98% for rear plates, in all light and weather conditions. The design is compatible with traditional IT architectures and also benefits from connectivity to Eurotech’s cloud platform, dramatically cutting time-to-market when building scalable, robust applications that integrate devices with business applications.

SekuPLATE products are now available to process license plates of European countries, Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and also for plates featuring Arabic characters.

Eurotech annuncia SekuPLATE, la sua nuova famiglia di sistemi di lettura targhe per applicazioni di sicurezza e sorveglianza

I sistemi di lettura targhe SekuPLATE garantiscono elevata affidabilità in tutte le condizioni climatiche e di luminosità

maro, Udine – 21 Marzo 2012 – Eurotech, fornitore leader di tecnologie, prodotti e sistemi embedded, annuncia il lancio di SekuPLATE, una nuova famiglia di Sistemi di Lettura Targhe basati su IP e destinati ad applicazioni di sicurezza che richiedono l’associazione intelligente di veicoli e permessi di accesso. Grazie ad avanzati algoritmi di riconoscimento, i sistemi di lettura targhe SekuPLATE assicurano un’elevata affidabilità che riduce notevolmente gli errori di identificazione. 

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