Eurotech Simplifies the Internet of Things (IoT), Connecting Devices and Managing Data with Everyware Cloud™ 2.0

Cloud-based M2M platform offers faster, more flexible data delivery and storage to drive business decisions and optimize results.

Amaro, Italy – May 30, 2012 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the launch of the Everyware Cloud 2.0 platform providing a foundation to deliver and manage M2M data within the business enterprise. The Everyware Cloud offers proven cloud, M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to enable clients in the transportation, logistics, and industrial markets to reach their business goals.

“The intersection of three disciplines, device development tools, cloud services, and network infrastructure, creates an opportunity for real smart systems innovation by combining device communication infrastructure with cloud services,” explained Glen Allmendinger, Principal at Harbor Research. “Managed application software and services, like the Eurotech Everyware Cloud 2.0, will help bridge gaps in today’s systems and drive new value across many vertical industries.”

“Enterprises need information to make better business decisions, reduce operating costs, and enable new services. With Everyware Cloud 2.0, now they have a platform to gather real-world data on demand and leverage it for their benefit,” said Marco Carrer, Vice President Software Engineering, Eurotech. “Eurotech’s new Everyware Cloud goes beyond the general benefits of cloud computing to collect, transport, store and analyze data from the field. The new solution will allow customers to act on their data in the most powerful, efficient way possible.”

“At Sensuss our mission is to enhance lives through knowledge: our products detect impact levels, environmental, and personal vital signs within a body network,” said Jeff Lawson, Chief Engineer of Sensuss, an innovative startup company which aims to prevent extensive injury to athletes due to head contact. “Through trials of Everyware Cloud we know we’re able to provide critical information to parents, coaches and athletes in real time, while also storing that crucial information for later use by the medical community.”

The Everyware Cloud is based on open standards, allowing users to connect their applications to the cloud platform quickly using a simple open application programming interface (API). Secure and efficient, the Everyware Cloud allows any size business to access powerful data and capabilities that used to only be available to companies that could invest huge amounts of time and resources in building large IT infrastructures and complex processes.

Benefits of Everyware Cloud 2.0 include:

Improved Device Connectivity – Everyware Cloud data model optimizes the device data communication aspect reducing protocol overhead and easing device management
Real-time Data Management – On the fly device data analysis and correlation to trigger business decisions, with no programming skills required
Long-term Queryable Data – Data can be stored and queried later at any time (for 36 months or even longer)
Flexible – Any format of data can be stored and accessed in the high-performance schema-less database
Platform Console – Easy-to-use web interface for device and platform management
Rich Set of APIs – All the platform features, even the console, are accessible through standard REST interface for easy IT integration
Quick and Easy Setup – Zero configuration required for new device connectivity
Device Independent – Open platform readily supporting ESF-enabled devices (from Eurotech or third parties) and enabling custom device connectivity.