Eurotech Newsletter April 2013

Eurotech Newsletter April 2013 EMEA

Eurotech Invites You to Railtex
Come along to stand J40 and meet the team at Railtex! Chat with staff and watch our demonstrations to find out how Eurotech platforms and Cloud solutions can cut your time to market and put you ahead of the competition. 


IoT Vastly Improves Rail Monitoring 

Many end users need data from hard-to-reach assets, require reliable communications to highly mobile assets operating in remote locations and are frustrated with the lack of interoperability between different systems. Read Eurotech’s white paper to address those issues and understand how our M2M integration platform solves them.


Reducing Size, Weight and Power of Military Electronics

Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) is a key factor in developing modern equipment for use in the battlefield. This white paper examines how SWaP is shaping the design of both wearable computers and mission critical subsystems to improve operational efficiency.

 Eurotech Partners with Hitachi and Oracle for M2M Solutions

Eurotech, Hitachi and Oracle are working together to ensure successful and deterministic development and deployment of M2M solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. Read the introduction to see how this important relationship benefits you, the customer.


Eurotech Newsletter April 2013 EMEA



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