A new PC/104 Plus MPEG-4 Compressor module with 4 independent videocomposite channels

Eurotech today announced a new high performance PC/104 Plus four channel MPEG-4 Video Compressor that supports real-time video encoding: the CTR-1472.

The CTR-1472 provides a high quality solution for use in professional video and Embedded PC systems based on PC/104-Plus modules. It enables a wide range of applications including video and audio capturing and encoding for Security systems, Web Cameras, Digital VCR and Embedded video editing systems.

The CTR-1472 can be used to capture analog video streams (from PAL/NTSC cameras, VCR and other video sources) up to four cameras at the same time with the following modalities: up to 30 frames/sec on one camera full screen (live); up to 30 frames/sec on two cameras 1/2 screen (live); up to 30 frames/sec on four cameras 1/4 screen (live). Furthermore the CTR-1472 can encode frames in MPEG-4 and send them to a host via PCI BUS. Thanks to its dedicated hardware and rate control algorithm, it can produce a high quality MPEG4 video stream. The board is provided with an analog video output channel to perform a real time monitoring of the recording sequence.

The module can also capture a single frame from the live video input and store it into the on board SDRAM frame buffer.

The CTR-1472 is PC/104-Plus compliant and can resist vibrations and temperature extremes: the customer will be able to take advantage of his high-resolution live video encoder also where rugged environmental conditions and space constraints are decisive factors.

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