CPU-1432: a whole Pentium-class computer in a PC/104Plus Form Factor

Eurotech SpA is releasing a high integrated and powerful PC/104Plus CPU module, based on the NS Geode GX1 processor: the CPU-1432.
The CPU-1432 is an Embedded Pentium-class Computer in PC/104-Plus form factor and can be easily expanded with other PC/104 or PC/104Plus modules.
The module is available with 64-128MB of SDRAM soldered on board, and provides a wide range of peripherals such as: SVGA, two Serial ports and parallel port, Fast Ethernet ctrl., IDE, Keyboard, Mouse, one USB and one AC97 Audio Sound Port.
The CPU-1432 had been designed for high performance embedded applications, medical devices, automotive (AVL and AVM), industrial automation, surveillance, security, quality inspections, HMI.
Together, with other Eurotech new products such as the INT-1460 and INT-1461 frame grabbers and the CTR-1470 MPEG-1, the module is an ideal choice for video acquisition embedded systems.
The CPU-1432 supports any operating systems available for the standard PC platforms: Windows 9x/2000/NT, QNX, VxWork, WinCE and Linux.
Eurotech SpA has released a new PC/104 CPU module based on NS Geode GX1 266-300MHz processor that gives you the power for the next generation embedded appliances.

The CPU-1232 integrates in a single CPU-board many features such as: LCD TFT SVGA controller with resolutions up to 1024×768, E-IDE interfaces for HDDs, ATA flash cards or DOM, 2 serial ports (UART 16550), 2 USB ports, 10/100Mbit Ethernet Controller, Audio port Sound-blaster compatible, keyboard port, bidirectional parallel port EPP-ECP, FDC, mouse. Other functions on-board are: SSD socket with up to 288 MB of Solid State Disk, watchdog, real-time clock. Moreover the CPU-1232 can be equipped with up to 128MB SDRAM in order to satisfy high demanding graphical applications.

With this module Eurotech has integrated a whole PC board and many other features in a single 3,6? x 3,8? (90 x 96 mm) module. This makes the CPU-1232 the right choice when high performance, high reliability and space-constrained environments are decisive factors.

The board is PC/104 compliant and can be expanded easily with other PC/104 modules, in order to improve the features of your PC/104 system such as: Video MPEG-1 compressor, PCMCIA controller or other communication and data acquisition modules. Thanks to its high-integration the board can be used as an SBC in many embedded applications.

The CPU-1232 is fully Intel Pentium compatible: this is the reason why it supports any operating system available for the standard PC platform such as ROM_DOS, Windows, Linux as well a real-time operating systems like QNX , VxWork, WinCE and RT_Linux.

The CPU-1232 is an ideal choice for auto-navigation devices, medical devices, communication devices, routers & gateways, Internet appliances, and any other application requiring network capabilities and high performances in a small and rugged form factor.

An extended temperature version of the module is available upon request.