Eurotech: Japanese Subsidiary Advanet Obtains €4M Design Win For Intelligent Transportation Systems

Amaro (Italy) – February 2nd, 2012 – Advanet Inc, fully own subsidiary of Eurotech Spa, today announces a design win for embedded computers to be used within Highway Intelligent Transportation Systems to de deployed in Japan.

The total sales volume is expected to be of 4 million Euro. Deliveries will begin in second half of 2012 and will be completed in about 3 years. Due to agreements with the Customer, no further details can be disclosed.

“Intelligent Transportation Systems are at the state-of-the-art in Japan and we are pleased to have been chosen by a major player in this field for such an interesting project” said Shoji Fuchigami, CEO of Advanet Inc.

Eurotech: Japanese Subsidiary Advanet Obtains €4M Design Win …

Eurotech: la società giapponese Advanet ottiene design win da €4M per sistemi di trasposto intelligente

Amaro (UD) – 2 Febbraio 2012 – Advanet Inc, società controllata integralmente da Eurotech Spa, ha annunciato oggi di aver ottenuto un design win per computer embedded che verranno utilizzati in sistemi di trasporto intelligente da installare in alcuni tratti autostradali in Giappone.

Il volume totale atteso delle vendite ammonta a 4 milioni di Euro. Le consegne inizieranno nella seconda metà del 2012 e saranno completate nell’arco di 3 anni. In virtù di accordi con il Cliente, nessun ulteriore dettaglio può essere rivelato.

“I sistemi di trasporto intelligente sono allo stato dell’arte in Giappone e siamo lieti di essere stati scelti da un’azienda primaria in questo campo per un progetto così interessante” ha detto Shoji Fuchigami, CEO di Advanet Inc.


CPU-1450-00. A reliable Celeron PC/104-Plus Embedded Module for ruggedized systems

Eurotech is pleased to present a new module that is a low voltage Celeron based module, in a PC/104-Plus form factor: the CPU-1450-00.

The CPU-1450-00 has been designed to operate reliably in harsh environments. For this reason it is suitable for automotive (AVL/AVM), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications and for security and surveillance (DVR) systems.

The CPU-1450-00 is an embedded board based on two modules: a mezzanine CPU module, stacked on top of a PC/104-Plus form factor carrier.
The CPU mezzanine of the CPU-1450-00 module is a small board that features the CPU processor and its Intel? 815E chipset with 133MHz maximum bus frequency. The processor is an ULV BGA Celeron 400MHz that has a low power consumption and is suitable for embedded applications. The system RAM is 256MB as standard. The processor doesn’t require any active cooling.
The carrier implements all the connections to the external world, including 4 USB ports, 1 Fast Ethernet interface (10/100Mbps), 2 Serial ports, 1 Parallel port, 1 Floppy port, 1 VGA interface, 1 AC97 audio sound interface, Keyboard, Mouse and an IDE controller that supports any type of IDE Flash devices (DiskonModule?, CompactFlash? and Flash Disk). The carrier also performs the connections for the ISA and PCI bridge enabling the CPU-1450-00 to stack on top of a PC/104-Plus system. The carrier can provide support for Watchdog management and Real Time Clock (external backup battery) and can be customized to match specific customer needs.

The module’s embedded BIOS is located in a 1MB Flash EPROM and is re-programmable onboard. The set-up parameters are saved in Flash to allow the module to operate without a battery.

The CPU-1450-00 supports any operating systems available for standard PC platforms: Win95/98/XP/NT/2000/CE?, VxWorks?, Linux?, ROM-DOS, QNX?.