From Eurotech a new PC/104 Plus 4 channels USB 2.0 Module with 2A high current drive

Amaro, Udine (Italy) October 28, 2004.

Eurotech today presents the COM-1440, a high speed PC104 Plus USB 2.0 board designed to interface different USB devices. This module will increase the application coverage with the introduction of two high power USB ports that allow direct powering of connected devices. Two of the four downstream ports support 500mA drive and two ports can supply up to 2A. These switches allow powering of USB devices through the cable simplifying power supply design of the system. Ideal applications for the COM-1440 board include various removable or fixed mass storage media, USB memory keys, printers, cameras, CD drives etc. Devices such as a high speed USB 2,5″ hard drive The USB header pin outs follow the general standard scheme of USB ports.

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