COM-1286. A complete GPS and GSM PC/104 module

Eurotech releases the COM-1286. It is an Integrated Positioning System solution that has a GPS receiver and a GSM 900/1800MHz or a DECT RF module on board. This product is especially designed for vehicle navigation systems, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems and any other application that requires navigation, tracking, data logging, timing and communication functions in a small and rugged form factor. The fast GPS signal acquisition and low power consumption makes the COM-1286 ideal for mobile and battery-powered applications.
The GPS module integrates a powerful Low Power 8-channel or a 12-channel (as option) architecture that gives you a superior level of performance for embedded GPS applications.
The GSM module allows you to access the GSM Services all over the world (900GSM / 1800GSM), such as: voice, data, SMS, fax. This high performance GSM module is easy to configure as a standard PC modem/fax and it is fully DOS, Windows and Linux compatible. As option a DECT RF engine can be installed instead of the the GSM module to provide a radio connection for data transmission

CPU-1220 : a PC/104 module for Embedded Appliances with SVGA, 4 Serials and 10/100Mbps Ethernet ctrl

Eurotech SpA has released a new PC/104 CPU module based on a 486DX processor : the CPU-1220.

The CPU-1220 is an All In One PC/104 module that integrates in a single CPU-board a wide range of functions: up to 32MB of DRAM, IDE interfaces, SVGA with 2 or 4 MB DRAM for resolutions up to 1024X768 16 million colours at 75Hz, 4 serial ports, one 10/100Mbit Ethernet Controller, keyboard port, Parallel port ( floppy disk controller on Parallel port as option),. Other functions on-board are: SSD socket with up-to 288 MB of Solid State Disk, watchdog, real-time clock.

This is the reason why the CPU-1220 can be considered as a Next Generation Extreme PC/104 Module.

The board is PC/104 compliant and can be expanded easily with other PC/104 modules, in order to improve the features of your PC/104 system such as: SCSI controllers, PCMCIA controllers, Data Acquisition, Digital I/O and so on. Thanks to its high-integration the board can be used as an SBC in embedded applications.

The CPU-1220 supports any operating system available for the standard PC platforms such as DOS, ROM_DOS, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000 and NT, Linux as well as real-time operating systems like QNX , pSOS, PHARLAP, VxWork, WinCE and RT_Linux.

The combination in one module of SVGA, 4 serials and Fast Ethernet, makes the CPU-1220 an ideal choice for auto-navigation devices, communication devices, routers & gateways and any other application requiring communication capabilities and PC compatibility in a small and rugged form factor.