Eurotech selected by DRS Defense Solutions For Ultra Low-Power Embedded Computing Platform

Eurotech Catalyst TC Modules Provide Computing Platform for Communication Equipment for Security Applications

Amaro (Italy) – July 18th, 2011 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, today announces they have been selected to supply embedded computers to DRS Defense Solutions. The program is expected to require some thousands of embedded computers over a three-year period, for a program value estimated at more than 2M USD.
The Eurotech Catalyst TC modules will provide the embedded computing platform, along with carrier card, for communications equipment for security applications from DRS Signal Solution. Initial deliveries begin this year with production volumes anticipated in the following two years.
“We selected Eurotech for this program for several reasons, including their ability to deliver products based on the latest technology in time to meet our development commitments. In addition, we have consistently found Eurotech to offer the most efficient products when it comes to power management and low heat dissipation,” said Aaron Hankins, Vice President, Tactical Terminals for DRS ICAS, a DRS Defense Solutions business unit.
“Eurotech values the long-term relationship we have with DRS,” explains Greg Nicoloso, Chief Executive Officer for Eurotech North America. “Together we have worked on many programs, and Eurotech is committed to delivering the embedded products and high-quality support DRS requires and deserves. With this strong history and firm commitment, we look forward to the successful, timely launch of this new program as well.”