CPU-1211 : The Industrial Gateway

Eurotech SpA is proud to announce a high integrated PC/104 CPU module based on a 386SX processor : the CPU-1211.

The CPU-1211, also called the Industrial Gateway, integrates the following features: 386SX-40Mhz, 4MB of DRAM, IDE interfaces, Parallel port, 10 Mbit Ethernet Controller, 2 CAN ports, 4 serial ports, keyboard port. Other functions on-board are: SSD socket with up-to 144 MB of solid state disk, watchdog, real-time clock and 16 digital I/O lines.

The board is PC/104 compliant and can be expanded easily with other PC/104 modules. Thanks to its high-integration the board can be used as an SBC in embedded applications.

The CPU-1211 supports many operating systems available for the standard PC platforms such as DOS, ROM_DOS, Windows 3.11, OS/2, Linux as well a real-time operating systems like QNX , pSOS, PHARLAP, VxWork and RT_Linux.

The combination in one module of Ethernet, CAN and Serials, makes the CPU-1211 an ideal choice for intelligent I/O, communication devices, routers & gateways and any other application requiring communication capabilities and PC compatibility in a small and rugged form factor.